Thursday, March 22, 2007

La la la la

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Okay, I think I can officially post it now, that this next animation will feature a new song by Robbie Broadhurst, my retarded partner in crime. It’s probably been two years since we wrote “Love Is Funny” for Happiness, so it was fun to collaborate with him again. This song, however, will not be as humorous as our other musical endeavors (i.e. Hindenburg: The Musical). Also, the whole film will be animated to the song, so I guess you could call it a music video, though it’s not very similar to anything on MTV. The monstrous Bre Leary humbled us with her presence during the recording to add a little femininity to the song where it was needed. It's nice to see the song coming along after all the time we put into writing and recording it.

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