Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Watch All The Fox & Calf Episodes Online!


You heard right! The video pages are up, and all five Fox & Calf episodes are now up for you to watch online! 

This is a series I hold very close to my heart, and I am really grateful to everyone else who was involved and who's fingerprints are very apparent on the films; particularly Rob Broadhurst's hilarious voice acting and inspired Theme Song, Robert Litton for the amazing scores that brought everything to life, Sam for teaching me how to light a set with character (particularly in Rhonda), Carlos Miller for his tight editing skills and great, subtle digital effects, and Carlos Gonzalez who created the most beautifully tacky 80's inspired opening credit's sequence. 

I'll try to run a few blogs over the next few weeks at Tertiary that talk about a few aspects of the production that are easier to talk about now that the episodes are up. So keep an eye out for those! Ok, hope you all enjoy the episodes!