Saturday, March 10, 2007

Claymator's Block

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Today was a frustating day, I just had no drive. Yesterday was really boring, but I pulled through it, today I just couldn't. I was completely out of the zone. I doubt I even got in 6 hours of work today (I try to put in at least eight hours a work day). Anyway, today was one of those really unfocused days where I kinda bounced around from task to task, never really putting a lot of time into any of them. I'd work on one thing for a little while, get bored and then move on to something different. It's probably just coming off the high of animating Frog Family and watching my characters come to life in front of my eyes, and then having to start from scratch again and start building these new characters, who I have absolutley no emotional connection to at the moment. Building characters was always one of my favorite parts of the process, but right now it's just not doing anything for me. Oh well. Up above is a new character in the very very very early develpment stage. It's crazy to think that these simple shapes will eventually come alive and move around, have a soul. Below is a picture of my little heater which I keep next to me at all times whilst I animate to keep warm (it gets freezing up here). Since all the clay gets hard from being so cold, I also use the heater as a "Clay-softener." I just put a little tin foil on the top and lay the clay on that. The clay softens real fast, and if I'm not paying attention it gets all gooey and oozy. I started melting clay on the heater years ago when I was animating in my garage. Of course back then I didn't use tin foil so the heater got really messy. Now I use tin foil.

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Hey buddy, I think you should call it something with the word "critter" in it. Everyone likes the word critter. Or even "Annie Mals," which is the name of the main character.

Anyways, keep going strong with you animating, and I hope to get a peek at your frog family movie. I hear great things.