Friday, August 17, 2007

Shooting In Widescreen!

Hey all! Well, production has finally started! There have been a few obstacles in the film's path, but we are now moving smoothly (and almost on schedule). I have now been animating the "Interview" commercial for 2 days and it looks great. Especially since it's in 16:9. I've never shot anything this wide before, it's very different, but really fun. I'll enjoy it alot. Anyway, here are 2 shots from the commercial so far, I hope to get you guys more updates soon. There's a lot to share. Okay, ciao!
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jriggity said...



itoo know the coolness of shooting widescreen. I love it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, man! What kind of camera are you using for this? Looks awesome.

I found a neat little trick to give something a filmlike look: cut open a ziploc bag and stretch it over the lens, taping it in place. It's cheaper than buying a Pro Mist filter, and the results are very dreamlike and soft. (They used an effect like that on Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit.

Shelley Noble said...

Love the look of this! I'll be visiting more often.

(Good tip, Pram.)