Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Irony Strikes Clay-Animation Studio

Where I work, there are some fake, rubber snakes. My wife came over to the studio to help out a little today and I decided to play a trick on her. So I layed one out and called for her. She freaked out as soon as she saw it (it was fairly realistic looking). I approached it slowly and put my hand out to pick it up, she screamed and pleaded with me to leave it alone. But I didn't. It wasn't long after I picked it up that she realized it was a fake and we had a good laugh. Later we had to leave the door to the studio open a little as we carried some stuff inside, when we were done I went to go shut the door and I snake slithered in. It took me a while this time to convince her that a snake had REALLY gotten in. In the end we got it out and it went on it's merry way.
Alternate Title: The Boy Who Cried Snake

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Shelley Noble said...

Gah! Where are you working--a snake filled wilderness?!!! Yipes!