Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Now The Bugs Are REALLY Done

I spent the whole day digitally fixing over a hundred shots of the bugs flying around. It was not as fun as it sounds. The altering for these shots was much more intricate and elaborate than the flying birds and took much much longer, even though its almost exactly the same amount of frames. Sorry there's no picture to go with this post, but I forgot to take a picture of myself sitting in my boxers at my computer looking miserable. Tomorrow I'll make the characters for the final shot which I'll hopefully shoot Thursday. It's so great to have the end in site. I'm ready to do another project!


Rob said...

These creatures don't look alive at all!! You think blinks are all it takes, big shot?? You're a hack!! With a hat.


Anonymous said...

That was rude, and I wonder if you've ever attempted clay animation, muchless stopmotion animation, ROB.

It takes untold skill to make things move correctly. Let's see some creditials, buddy.

Also, I wish I was a cop so I could pull you over for saying that.