Saturday, September 6, 2008

Watch "Pets Who Look Like Their Owners"


This was a stand alone short that I did at Tertiary, and I really love this one. It's more a practice in character design and sculpture than it is in animation itself, and I feel it really stands out as a unique piece apart from my other work. Rob Broadhurst wrote a wonderful little song for it, that just helps give it that "off" feeling. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it!

WATCH "Pets Who Look Like Their Owners" Here!


Ken A. Priebe said...

This made me crack up and laff out loud! Absolutely hilarious and off the wall...great stuff!

jriggity said...



Michael Granberry said...

Aww, that last shot reminded me of my old iguana I used to have...tho I don't recall anyone ever saying we resembled each other...hmmm... :)

Woolly Monster said...

Tee hee hee hee hee, brilliant!

Hermanos Encinas said...

This is really good!