Thursday, January 17, 2008

Watch Critter Song!!!!


Oh happy day!!! I finished Critter Song 8 months ago in May and it is FINALLY available to watch over at MOLI. Quick recap, Rob Broadhurst and I wrote the song (he did music and we co-wrote the lyrics) and we sang it with Bre. I created 10 sets and 24 characters, and animated it over a period of 3 months. Aftter all that it's just 2 minutes, but I'm really proud of it and I hope you all like it too. Enjoy!!!!



Grant's Animation said...

Hey Ryan,

I love Critter Song! Your animal creations are so imaginative and colourful and expertly made. The song goes perfectly with the animals and your animation technique is very professional. Surely you don't do everything yourself sets, props, puppet making animation etc.

Ryan McCulloch said...

Thanks for the kind words, Grant. Like most indie-claymators. I wear most hats during the production. My friend Rob co-wrote the song with me, and the two of us, and my my then fiance (now wife) sang on it. My dad helped me build a few of the exterior set-ups, and helped out with the post production (adding end credits for me in Final Cut), but other than that, it was all me. It was a lonely 3 months.